Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The first week flew by with a flurry of activities to get to know the school, the schedule and each other!  Scavenger hunt with 8th grade buddies, SignoPersonality Bingo, paper bag activity and Me by the Numbers were activities that really helped with the transition to HMS and our new classrooms.
Week two began with computer roll out!  The computers are smaller and faster this year. So awesome! Fifth graders have a computer in each of their classrooms which makes for smoother and quicker transitions.

Conversation starters for this week …
  • HMS Library
  • stamina
  • mistakes
  • Everyone can do high level math 
  • Area and perimeter (Ask about Mrs. Comfort’s dilemma)
  • Brain – can stretch, amygdala, cerebrum, cerebellum, prefrontal cortex (sorry, they might blame a few things on this)
  • Life Role Outcomes – Quality Producer, Collaborative Worker, Responsible and Involved Citizen, Self -directed Learner
  • Be a Perfect Person In Just Three Days
Weekly Homework:
  • Reading 20 minutes minimum nightly
  • Math 20 minutes minimum nightly – 5 minutes of multiplication facts practice and 15 minutes or more on the puzzle packet.  More challenges available if needed!