Friday, October 4, 2019

Week #5

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After reading our mentor text for personal narratives, An A From Miss Keller, we brainstormed people who are important to us and small moments in time with each person.  We're gathering ideas for our narrative.

                       Our One Book One School book is teaching us lots of cool vocabulary!

                                               Nightly reading homework is important!

Learning how a compass works by making our own compasses.

We are learning the bar graph model for problem solving.
Subitizing Number Talks! Confused? Have your son or daughter explain how this works:)

Conversation starters for this week …

Figurative Language
Personal narrative
Stamina--reading and writing!
Bar Model for solving problems
Making a compass
A Night Divided Will Fritz and Gerta tunnel their way to freedom?
Making predictions, collecting data, writing conclusions
Current events in science - what did they learn this week?
Food drive donations due next Wednesday, Oct. 9!

Friday, September 27, 2019

Week # 4

We are learning more about being a scientist by sketching, note-taking, collecting data, and asking lots of questions!

                         Personification -- What would your backpack say if it could talk?

Equations are getting more complicated, but students are doing a great job simplifying them! Try a few and have them check your work:)

We also learned a little more about each other by completing a scavenger hunt of the "Me by the Numbers" activity!

Don't forget about our food drive! You can start sending food in anytime!

Conversation starters for this week …

Figurative Language
Proud Moment Paragraph
Stamina--reading and writing!
Explanation for a detail
Khan Academy
Exercise and the Brain
Brain bicycle
Magnetic strength
Current events in science
Folk Tales

Friday, September 20, 2019

Week #3

Math:  We are learning about PEMDAS aka order of operations. Students will soon be masters at solving equations that look like this 4+3x2-(6/2). Super cool stuff. Sumdog has been pretty exciting for the students as they practice skills by playing games and earning points to buy items to decorate their “House”. Students can access their account at home as well. A letter was sent home this week with the login details. 

Science: Brain work continues with an article about famous brains and a video featuring Bill Nye the Science Guy. We started our Magnets and Motors Unit with a cup, string, two magnets and a stick. It is amazing how entertained students can be with such simple materials. 

Language Arts: We are writing paragraphs!  This week’s topic was a favorite trip.  We are learning to add an explanation to each detail to make our paragraphs more interesting.

Reading:   The students are loving the library!  Non-fiction was the genre this week.  We have started reading A Night Divided.

Conversation starters for this week …

Stamina--reading and writing!
Explanation for a detail
Mistakes help our brain grow!(Click here for a quick video about this)
Multiplication Facts- which ones need practice
Brain – famous brains
What can magnets do?
Berlin Wall
Mrs. Beckett- our guidance counselor

Food Drive -October 9 - Click to see pamphlet!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Week #2

Week two has been a slow progression toward a normal schedule!
Math: Learning to use the Student Reference Book as a tool to help them this year has been a focus this week. We are also learning the “power” of exponents. Students turned in their first homework packet this week. Just a reminder that I have lots of challenges available for anyone who needs an extra challenge.
Science: Continues to be all about the brain! Students have been introduced to a news site called Newsela. They will use this site to access current events related to science.
Language Arts: We are practicing our writing stamina with quick writes. We're also starting to draft our first paragraph about a trip.
Reading: We read Wolf! and thought about what good readers act like. We are going to use those behaviors when we are reading.

Conversation starters for this week …

Genres Stamina--reading and writing! Quick writes Laptops! Speed is not important in math but thinking deeply is(Click here for a quick video about this) Multiplication Facts- which ones need practice Exponents Brain – animals brains and famous brains A Night Divided Our latest One Book One School selection!
Food for thought: Interesting article on tips for a successful school year.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Yay Fifth Grade!

The start of something great!

The first week flew by with a flurry of activities to get to know the school, the schedule and each other!  Scavenger hunt with 8th grade buddies, Signo, Personality Bingo, paper bag activity and Me by the Numbers were activities that really helped with the transition to HMS and our new classrooms.

Week two began with computer roll out!  The computers are smaller and faster this year. So awesome! Fifth graders have a computer in each of their classrooms which makes for smoother and quicker transitions.

Conversation starters for this week …
HMS Library
Everyone can do high level math (Click here for a quick video about this)
Brain – can stretch, amygdala, cerebrum, cerebellum, prefrontal cortex (sorry, they might blame a few things on this)
Life Role Outcomes – Quality Producer, Collaborative Worker, Responsible and Involved Citizen, Self -directed Learner
Be a Perfect Person In Just Three Days